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Is it better to set makeup spray or loose powder? – Maypak

The makeup setting spray can make your makeup look more durable and natural~ and it can moisturize your skin without drying out.

Loose powder: set makeup──sweeping on the powder can fix the makeup, and the cosmetics will not easily shift or peel off.

Oil-absorbing ─ ─ Loose powder can absorb the oil on the face, keep the makeup shiny, and extend the durability of the makeup.

Retouching ─ ─ When the makeup color is uneven or uncoordinated, the powder plays a role of modification.

In fact, they are almost the same, they are all used to set makeup. If you only use liquid foundation to create a base makeup, you will find that the makeup carefully drawn in the morning will always slip unwillingly with the secretion of oil in the afternoon, or there will be eye shadow and blush spots on the bottom of the eyes and cheeks. It is the loose powder that rescues us from this trouble, but the loose powder itself has almost no concealing function. Therefore, before using loose powder, you must first use concealer products, and then use loose powder to set the makeup, so that your makeup can be impeccable. But the spray is moisturized all day long. If you feel that it is not enough, just make up once at noon. Mainly moisturizing.

Can the setting spray replace the setting powder

Cannot be replaced. The usage and usage of setting powder and loose powder are different, the usage function is introduced below:

The role of makeup powder: Adjust the skin tone, can make the makeup more clear, long-lasting and smooth and delicate. The effect is not bad, but remember to touch up your makeup in time. In addition, MM needs to pay attention to the usage method. If it is used improperly, the phenomenon of floating powder will appear, and the foundation of the powder makeup that has been laid before will be ruined.

Therefore, we must pay attention to how to use loose powder to set makeup:

1. Use a delicate powder puff, apply a small amount of powder each time, gently press it onto the face, never apply it, only press it, and don’t apply too much powder at a time, try to apply a little less and press more often Some, so the powder will be more transparent, and attention should be paid to uniformity.

2. If there is too much powder at a time, or if floating powder occurs, use a large loose powder brush to sweep it.

3. After pressing, use mineral spray to make the final makeup. This is also more important for transparent makeup: spray the spray evenly and finely on the face, and then press the soft and clean facial tissue onto the face to take away excess moisture and floating powder.