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How can we improve the packaging quality of medicinal spray bottles? – Maypak

Using a spray bottle to spray medicine not only brings people a good medicine use experience, but also evenly controls the amount of medicine sprayed, which brings great convenience to people. In recent years, with the development of my country’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, my country’s spray industry has been vigorously developed, and the demand for spray bottle packaging in medicinal and cosmetics has grown rapidly. According to industry insiders, with the continuous advancement of technology, the space for the spray bottle packaging market needs to be explored.

It is understood that the current spray bottle packaging is only limited to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical fields, and it is less used in other fields. For example, in the field of pesticides with relatively large demand, the spray bottle packaging has not yet developed a reasonable product. While the market is vacant, there are actually huge market opportunities. In the future development, spray bottle packaging can tap into broad fields such as pesticides and inject new vitality and vitality into the development of the industry. But for the development of every industry, quality is an eternal topic, and for the development of spray bottle packaging, quality is also crucial. Enterprises need to “take quality as the criterion” to open up a broader market. So where can the quality of spray bottle packaging start?

During the interview, the technicians said that the most important thing in spray bottle packaging is the quality of the nozzle, which directly determines the spray effect. However, from the current point of view, the quality of many nozzles on the market is worrying, and the nozzles often break down. After the nozzle is broken, the contents of the spray bottle, such as medicine, cannot be used, which causes huge troubles for people.

For spray bottle manufacturers, if they want to improve product quality and user experience, they must first start with the nozzle and control the quality of the nozzle. The author has learned that the nozzle of the spray plastic bottle is made of polyvinyl chloride. From the performance point of view, the polyvinyl chloride material has many advantages, but from the molding point of view, the fluidity of the polyvinyl chloride melt is poor, and the shrinkage rate is poor. It is relatively low, and molding is not easy. The spray plastic bottle is prone to defects such as insufficient pouring and shrinkage during molding. Hydrogen chloride is easily decomposed when the molding temperature is relatively high. If the injection speed is too fast, it will shrink… Therefore, you should pay attention to control during molding. The molding temperature and residence time, the pouring system should be thick and short, the feed opening section should be larger, the cooling time should not be too fast, and a large-diameter nozzle should be selected.

In addition, the nozzles of spray plastic bottles have relatively high requirements on the precision of the structure and size of the plastic parts. In order to obtain qualified plastic parts, in addition to rationally choosing the raw materials of plastic parts, enterprises should also consider the structural craftsmanship of plastic parts, because the structural craftsmanship of plastic parts is directly related to the design of the mold, only plastic parts Only when the design meets the requirements of the molding process can a reasonable mold structure be designed, which can prevent defects such as bubbles, shrinkage holes, dents, and cracks during molding. Not only that, but it can also improve the production efficiency of spray plastic bottles. Relevant technicians emphasized that when the nozzle of the spray plastic bottle is designed for the plastic part, the surface of the part must be free of defects, burrs, and insufficient pouring.

With the continuous development of the market, the use of spray bottle packaging will become more and more diversified. In addition to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets, many daily cleaners have also begun to use spray bottle packaging. Therefore, it is very important to improve the quality of spray bottle packaging. In the design and production process of spray bottles, in addition to ensuring the quality of the nozzle, other factors are also worth noting. For example, the use cycle of a spray plastic bottle is generally relatively long. During repeated use, some bacteria are prone to grow on the surface of the plastic bottle, which affects the health of the user.

The author has learned that with the continuous development and application of automation technology, the automatic filling and spray bottle equipment can realize the integration of filling and capping. The equipment adopts PLC control, the design is reasonable, stable and reliable. It can realize automatic bottle unscramble, single-head, double-head, multi-head liquid and paste filling. It is professionally designed for perfume, liquid medicine, and various sprays.