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Even more powerful! OEM/ODM pavilion swop FMCG theme to create a complete supply chain – Maypak

The swop FMCG theme pavilion establishes an efficient communication channel and communication platform for the industry, creates the most valuable FMCG industry chain ecosystem, integrates high-quality resources in the industry, gathers industry elites, and selects professional chapters. Extensive exhibits extend from the upstream raw materials, packaging and printing, and container products to the OEMODM processing plants that are widely concerned, showing more comprehensive and professional high-quality supply chain resources for brand owners and the supply chain.

The rapid development of the Chinese cosmetics market and the increasing demand for production capacity have provided broader and diversified development conditions for the development of the OEM/ODM industry. In the face of endless market changes and fierce competition, the OEM/ODM industry is also Facing unprecedented challenges.

Opportunities and challenges coexist! Some companies have a diversified layout, in-depth research and development in the fields of cosmetics, skin care, color make-up, etc., and have comprehensive strength, with a thick accumulation and thin hair; some companies have deepened the cosmetics subdivision field and broke the ground. Various processing companies are blooming in the cosmetics arena, and a hundred schools of thought contend!